GP Vacancies: Glodwick Medical Centre

We are building a new GP team at our newly merged Glodwick Practice in Oldham. Come and have a look around!

NHS GP practices that tackle health inequalities in Greater Manchester

We are a non-profit organisation who believe that the NHS should be at its best where it's needed the most.

Hope Citadel Healthcare was formed with the aim of delivering healthcare that brought change and transformation to individuals, households and whole areas.

Working in areas of deprivation in Greater Manchester, we are passionate about unpicking and preventing health inequalities.

We believe in general practice at the heart of communities. Places of hope and restoration.

Hope Citadel heart of communities
Hope Citadel clinical

Clinically we are curious, in communication we are caring, and when times are tough, we aim to bring dignity.

Our patients often surprise and inspire us, and the journey together is rewarding as well as challenging.

Hope Citadel patients
Hope Citadel improvements

Since we started in 2009, we have learnt a lot about the systems and processes that support care and bring compassion. We’ve grown as we’ve helped improve care in practices that have struggled, and we have pioneered new ways of working that have helped others too.

We are still learning, and are always looking for people who want to work alongside us to find the art of the possible.

Hope Citadel staff

We invite you to learn more about our approach to care and commitment to clinical excellence. You can also learn about what it's like to work in our practices.